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Letts Party Event Studio is an intimate Norcross venue that creates a special dynamic for our clients! We allow you to decide whatever you want for your special day. Tell us what you want and we'll get our hands working. We understand that taking on the task of planning any kind of event can become stressful and overwhelming. Lett us take that weight off of your shoulders and Lett us take care of all the grunt work. We allow you to be as hands off, or hands on, as you would like. It’s your world, it's your party, and Letts Party Event Studio will make it a remarkable one.


We are staffed with very outgoing, passionate, and creative party planners who are ready to rock your party for virtually whatever kind of celebration you have. Getting to know our clients is very important to us! We make sure that we take in all aspects to create a party like you imagined it to be - the perfect look and feel. We offer a wide variety of services to provide our clients the most options. You can utilize our rental services, our month-of promotions, partial or full service wedding coordination, and design services. A total package!


Our Center is composed of two sides for a total of 2,300 sq. ft. We can accommodate a variety of events. You are more than welcome use only one side for smaller events if you choose or you can use our full 2,300 sq. ft. facility.

Wedding Table Decoration

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